A Changing Art: Nineteenth-Century Painting Practice and Conservation
A Manual for the Identification of Bird Bones from Archaeological Site
A Perfect Ground: preparatory layers for oil paintings 1550 - 1900
Adhesives and Consolidants in Painting Conservation
All Manner of Murals
Antiquities Trade or Betrayed
Arab Paper
Archaelogical Parenchyma
Archaeological Displays and the Public
Architectural Finishes in the Built Environment
Architectural Paint Research
Art Conservation and Authenticities
Art History
Art of All Colours
Art of the Past Sources and Reconstructions
Art on Paper
Art Technology Sources and Methods
Artist's Assistant
Artist's Process
Artists Pigments
Artists' Pigments Vol 1
Artists' Pigments Vol 2
Artists' Pigments Vol 3
Artists' Pigments vol. 4
Asian Art
Authenticity and Replication
Authenticity in Transition: Changing Practices in Contemporary Art Mak
Between Formula and Freestyle
Beyond the Glass Case
Big Pictures Problems and Solutions for Treating Outsize Painti
Biodeterioration and Preservation in Art
Blue Pigments 500 Years of Art and Industry
British Museum Technical Research Bulletin
British Museum Technical Research Bulletin 1
British Museum Technical Research Bulletin 2
British Museum Technical Research Bulletin 3
British Museum Technical Research Bulletin 4
British Museum Technical Research Bulletin 5
British Museum Technical Research Bulletin 6
British Museum Technical Research Bulletin 7
British Museum Technical Research Bulletin Vol 9
Broad Spectrum
Cennino Cennini's Il Libro dell'Arte:
Changing Pictures
Ciencia para los Restauradores
Cleaning Painted Surfaces
Climate for Collections - Standards and Uncertainties
Colour Change in Paintings
Colourful Past
Compositiones variae
Conservation and Care of Glass Objects
Conservation and Maintenance of Public Art
Conservation in the 19th Century
Conservation Legacies of the Florence Flood of 1966
Conservation Mounting for Prints and Drawings
Conservation of Archeological Ships and Boats
Conservation of Decorative Art
Conservation of Featherwork from Central and South America
Conservation of Geological Collections
Conservation of Hair
Conservation of Paintings
Conservation of Sculpture Parks
Conservation Science 2007
Conserving Context
Contemporary Art
Current Technical Challenges in the Conservation of Paintings
Damage Catalogue for Glass Objects
Damascene 'Ajami Rooms
Decorated Surfaces on Ancient Egyptian Objects
Decorative Art
Desalination of Historic Buildings Stone and Wall Paintings
Desperately Seeking Europe
Dolmens and Passage Graves of Sweden
Dyes and Pigments
Dyes from Nature
Dyes in History and Archaeology 19
Dyes In History and Archaeology 20
Dyes in History and Archaeology 21
Early Indian Metallurgy
Early Islamic Pottery
Early Metal Mining and Production
East Asian Lacquer
East Asian Paintings
Emblems for a Queen
Engaging Conservation: collaboration across disciplines
English Panel Paintings 1400–1558 A Survey of Figure
Engraving and Etching 1400 to 2000
Essentials in the Care & Conservation of Historical Ceramic Objects
European Paintings 15th-18th Century
Expression and Sensibility
Fabric of Images
First Aid for Underwater FInds
For Tomorrow
Four Seasons Tapestries at Hatfield House
French Bronze Sculpture
Fungal Facts
Future of the 20th Century
Gels in the Conservation of Art
General Conservation
Gilded Metals
Greek Painting Techniques and Materials from the Fourth to the Fir
Hamilton Kerr Institute Bulletin 6
Hamilton Kerr Institute Bulletin 7
Hamilton Kerr Institute Bulletin No 4
Hamilton Kerr Institute Bulletin number 5
he Nebamun Wall Paintings Conservation Scientific Analysis and
Historical Technology Materials and Conservation
Holding It All Together
ICON 10th Triennial
Identification of No European Woods
Identification of Vegetable Fibres
In Artists' Footsteps
In the Saddle
Inca Sacred Space
Innovative Appoaches to the Complex Care of Contemporary Art
Integrated Pest Management for Cultural Heritage
International Perspectives on Textile Conservation
Invention of Pastel Painting
Iron and Steel in Art Corrosion Colorants and Conservation
Islamic Paper
Italian Renaissance Drawings technical examination and analysis
La description des reliures orientales
Lasers in the Conservation of Artworks
Leather and Fur
Leather Tanneries The Archaeological Evidence
Let the Material Talk
Limited Supply
Lining Paintings
Look after the Pennies
Looking through Paintings
Luminous Trace Drawing and Writing in Metalpoint
Macro to Micro: Examining Architectural Finishes
Making and Transforming Art: Technology and Interpretation
Manual on the Conservation of Paintings
Material Characterization Tests for Objects 2nd ed
Mediaeval Painters' Materials and Techniques
Medieval Painting in Northern Europe
Medieval reliquiary shrines and precious metal objects
Metallurgy and Civilisation Eurasia and Beyond
Metals and Mines Studies in Archaeometallurgy
Microanalysis of Parchment
Mixing and Matching
Modern Art Who Cares
Moving Collections Processes and Consequences
Mural Paintings of the Silk Road
Museum Studies
Natural Colorants for Dyeing and Lake Pigments
Natural Dyes
Northern European Metalpoint Drawings
On the Trail of Bosch and Bruegel
Paint and Piety
Paint Research in Building Conservation
Painting in Tempera
Paintings in the Laboratory: Scientific Examination for Art History an
Partnership Principle
Perspectives on the Painting Technique of Jan Van Eyck
Pest Management
Picasso, Picabia, Ernst: new perspectives
Pigments and Power in the Andes
Pigments of English Medieval Wall Paintings
PLASTICS Looking at the Future Learning from the Past
Pollutants in the Museum Environment
Practical Gilding
Practical Impact of Science on Near Eastern and Aegean Archaeolo
Prehistoric Woodworking
Preparation for Painting
Preserving Vasa
Printed on Paper
Protein Facts
Public Face of Conservation
Public Paintings by Edvard Munch and his Contemporaries: Change and Co
Renaissance Workshop
Retouching of Art on Paper
Scientific Analysis of Ancient and Historic Textiles
Scientific Research in the Field of Asian Art
Scientific Research on Ancient Asian Metallurgy
Scientific Research on Historic Asian Ceramics
Scientific Research on the Pictorial Arts of Asia
Scientific Research on the Sculptural Arts of Asia
Setting the Scene European Painted Cloths from the 14th to 21st
Setting the Scene: European Painted Cloths 1400-2000
Some Instances in the History of Distilled Oil of Turpentine
Sources and Serendipity Testimonies of Artists' Practice
Sources on Art Technology: Back to Basics
Special topics
Standards in Architectural Paint Research
State Beds and Throne Canopies
Structure Design and Technique of the Bamiyan Buddhist Caves
Studies in the History of Painting Restoration
Studying 18th-Century Paintings and Works of Art on Paper
Studying and Conserving Paintings
Studying Old Master Paintings
Studying the European Visual Arts 1800-1850
Technical Studies
Textiles and Text
Textiles in Trust
Textiles, Technical Practice and Power in the Andes
The Picture so Far: 50 Years of Painting Conservation
The Strasbourg Manuscript. A Medieval Tradition of Artistsí Recipe Col
Theory & Practice in the Conservation of Modern and Contemporary
Thin section Petrography of Stone and Ceramic Cultural Materials
Trade in Antiquities
Trade in Artists’ Materials
Transfer of Wall Paintings
Tricks of the Medieval Trades
Turquoise in Mexico and North America
Unravelling Textiles
Volatile Organic Compounds and the Conservation of Inorganic Materials
World of Iron