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adhesives Adhesives and Consolidants in Painting Conservation
Edited by Angelina Barros D'Sa et al.
ISBN: 9781904982883
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alfred Alfred and the Pirates EMAIL for INFO
All Manner of Murals The History, Techniques and Conservation of Secular Wallpaintings
Edited by Robert Gowing and Robyn Pender
ISBN: 1904982115
Antiquities Trade or Betrayed EMAIL for INFO
Arab Paper EMAIL for INFO
Archaeological Displays and the Public EMAIL for INFO
Archaeological Parenchyma EMAIL for INFO
archfinishes Architectural Finishes in the Built Environment
Edited by Mary Jablonski and Catherine Matsen
ISBN: 9781904982456
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art conservation Art, Conservation and Authenticities: Material, Concept, Context
Edited by Erma Hermens and Tina Fiske
ISBN: 9781904982517
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Art of All Colours Add to cart
Art of the Past Add to cart
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Artist's Assistant Add to cart
Artist's Process: Technology and Interpretation
Edited by Sigrid Eyb Green et al.
ISBN: 978-1-904982-73-9
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Artists' Pigments: c. 1600-1836 Add to cart
Artists' Pigments - A Handbook of their History and Characteristics Vol. 1
Edited by Robert L. Feller
ISBN: 9781904982746
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Artists' Pigments - A Handbook of their History and Characteristics Vol. 2
Edited by Ashok Roy
ISBN: 9781904982753
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Artists' Pigments - A Handbook of their History and Characteristics Vol. 3
Edited by Elizabeth West Fitzhugh
ISBN: 9781904982760
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Artists' Pigments - A Handbook of their History and Characteristics Vol.4
Edited by Barbara Berrie
ISBN: 9781904982234
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The Artist's Process Add to cart
Art Technology : Sources and Methods
Stefanos Kroustallis, Joyce H. Townsend, Elena Cenalmor Bruquetas, Ad Stijnman and Margarita San Andres Moya(editors)
ISBN: 9781904982296
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ASMOSIA 5 :Interdisciplinary Studies of Ancient Stone Add to cart
Barkcloth: Aspects of Preparation, Use, Deterioration, Conservation and Display Add to cart
Big Pictures Add to cart
Beyond the Glass Case EMAIL for INFO
British Museum Technical Research Bulletin 1 Add to cart
British Museum Technical Research Bulletin, Volume 2
Edited by David Saunders
ISBN: 9781904982357
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bmtb3 British Museum Technical Research Bulletin, Volume 3
Edited by David Saunders
ISBN: 9781904982487
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bmtb3 British Museum Technical Research Bulletin, Volume 4
Edited by David Saunders
ISBN: 9781904982487
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British Museum Technical Research Bulletin, volume 5 Add to cart
British Museum Technical Research Bulletin, volume 6 Add to cart
Broad Spectrum: Studies in the Materials, Techniques, & Conservation of Color on Paper Add to cart
Changing Pictures: Discoloration in 15th to 17th Century Oil Paintings Add to cart
Cleaning Painted Surfaces Add to cart
Coinage and History in the Seventh Century Near East 2
Andrew Oddy (ed.)
SBN: 9781904982623
Colourful Past Add to cart
Conservation and Care of Glass Objects
Stephen P. Koob
ISBN: 1904982085
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Conservation and Maintenance of Contemporary Public Art Add to cart
florence flood Conservation Legacies of the Florence Flood of 1966 Add to cart
Conservation Mounting Add to cart
Conservation of Decorative Arts EMAIL for INFO
Conservation of Fur, Feather and Skin OUT OF PRINT
Conservation of Geological Collections EMAIL for INFO
Conservation of Paintings Add to cart
Conservation Science 2002 EMAIL for INFO
Conservation Science 2007
Edited by Joyce Townsend
ISBN: 9781904982340
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Decorated Surfaces on Ancient Egyptian Objects: Technology, Deterioration and Conservation ISBN: 9781904982579 J. Dawson, C. Rozeik, M.M. Wright (eds) Add to cart
  Desperately Seeking Europe EMAIL for INFO
  Dolmens and Passage Graves of Sweden EMAIL for INFO
Drawing Archaeological Finds No longer available
Dyes in History and Archaeology 16/17 Add to cart
Dyes in History and Archaeology 18 Add to cart
Dyes in History and Archaeology 19 Add to cart
Dyes in History and Archaeology 20 Add to cart

Dyes in History and Archaeology 21

Editor: Jo Kirby
ISBN: 9781904982074

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early islamic pottery Early Islamic Pottery Add to cart
East Asian Lacquer Add to cart
East Asian Paintings
John Winter
ISBN: 9781904982319
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Emblems for a Queen: The Needlework of Mary Queen of Scots
Michael Bath
ISBN: 9781904982364
English Panel Paintings, 1400-1558: A Survey of Figure Paintings on East Anglian Rood Screens Add to cart
italian Early Metal Mining and Production
Paul T. Craddock
ISBN: 9781904982593
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Essentials in the Care and Conservation of Historical Ceramic Objects Add to cart

Ethnographic Beadwork: Aspects of Manufacture, Use & Conservation

Engraving and Etching 1400-2000 Add to cart
Fabric of Images EMAIL for INFO
First Aid For Underwater Finds Add to cart
From Marble to Chocolate: Conservation of Modern Sculpture EMAIL for INFO
Fungal Facts: Solving Fungal Problems in Heritage Collections Add to cart
Future of the 20th Century Add to cart
Gilded Metals: History Technology and Conservation Add to cart
Greek PaintingTechniques and Materials from the Fourth to the First Century BC
Ioanna Kakoulli
ISBN: 9781904982425
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holding Holding it all together: Ancient and Modern Approaches to Joining, Repair and Consolidation
Edited by Janet Ambers, Catherine Higgitt, Lynne Harrison and David Saunders
ISBN: 9781904982470
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Historical Technology, Materials and Conservation (ISBN: 978-1-904982-65-4 Add to cart
In Artists' Footsteps: The Reconstruction of Pigments and Paintings
edited by Lucy Wrapson et al.
ISBN: 9781904982852
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Indigo Add to cart
Identification of Northern European Woods Add to cart
Identification of Vegetable Fibres Add to cart
In the Saddle: An Exploration of the Saddle Through History Add to cart
International Perspectives on Textile Conservation Add to cart
The Invention of Pastel Painting
Thea Burns
ISBN: 9781904982123
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Iron and Steel Add to cart
Islamic Paper Add to cart
italiam Italian Renaissance Drawings: technical examination and analysis
Janet Ambers, Catherine Higgitt and David Saunders (eds.)
ISBN: 9781904982586
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Leather and Fur Add to cart
Leather Tanneries:
The Archaeological Evidence
Edited by Roy Thompson and Quita Mould
ISBN: 9781904982612
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Leather Wet and Dry: Current Treatments in the Conservation of Waterlogged and Desiccated Archaeological Leather Add to cart
Lining Paintings Add to cart
Look After the Pennies Add to cart
Looking Through Paintings Add to cart
Luminous Trace: Drawing and Writing in Metalpoint
Thea Burns
ISBN: 9781904982838
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Mammal Bones and Teeth No longer available
Manual on the Conservation of Paintings EMAIL for INFO
Material Characterization Tests for Objects of Art and Archaeology --2nd edition Add to cart
Medieval Painting in Northern Europe
Edited by Jilleen Nadolny with Kaja Kollandsrud, Marie Louise Sauerberg and Tine Froysaker
ISBN: 1904982212
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Mediaeval Painters' Materials and Techniques Add to Cart
Medieval reliquary shrines and precious metal objects /Châsses-reliquaires et orfèvrerie médiévales
Edited by Kilian Anheuser and Christine Werner
ISBN: 1904982182
Metals and Mines : Studies in Archaeometallurgy
Edited by Susan La Niece, Duncan Hook and Paul Craddock
ISBN: 9781904982197
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metallurgy and civilisation Metallurgy and Civilisation: Eurasia and Beyond Add to cart
Microanalysis of Parchment EMAIL for INFO
mixing Mixing and Matching: Approaches to Retouching Paintings
Edited by Rebecca Ellison, Patricia Smithen and Rachel Turnbull
ISBN: 9781904982500
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Modern Art: Who Cares? Add to cart
Moving Collections Add to cart
Mural Paintings of the Silk Road: Cultural Exchanges between East and West
Edited by Kazuya Yamauchi, Yoko Taniguchi and Tomoko Uno
ISBN: 9781904982227
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Natural Dyes - sources, tradition, technology, science
Dominique Cardon
ISBN: 190498200x
The Nebamun Wall Paintings: Conservation, Scientific Analysis and Display at the British Museum
Edited by Andrew Middleton and Ken Uprichard
ISBN: 9781904982142
  Painted Altar Frontals of Norway, 1250-1350, Vols. 1-3 EMAIL for INFO
Paint Research in Building Conservation
Edited by Line Bregnhøi, Helen Hughes, Jenni Lindbom, Tone Olstad and Edwin Verweij
ISBN: 190498204
  Partnership Principle EMAIL for INFO
Pigments and Power in the Andes:
by Gabriela Siracusano
ISBN: 9781904982562
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Pest Management in Museums, Archives and Historical Houses Add to cart
Pigments of English Medieval Wall Painting Add to cart
PLASTICS : Looking at the Future, Learning from the Past
Edited by Brenda Keneghan and Louise Egan
ISBN: 9781904982432
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Pollutants in the Museum Environment Add to cart
Preparation for Painting: The Artist's Choice and its Consequences
Edited by Joyce H.Townsend, Tiarna Doherty, Gunnar Heydenreich and Jacqueline Ridge
ISBN: 9781904982326
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Practical Gilding Add to cart
Practical Impact of Science on Near Eastern and Aegean Archaeology EMAIL for INFO
Prehistoric Settlements in the Caribbean out of print
Prehistoric Woodworking EMAIL for INFO
Protein Facts Add to cart
Retouching of Art on Paper
Tina Grette Poulsson
ISBN: 9781904982135
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Scientific Analysis of Ancient and Historic Textiles Add to cart
asinceramics Scientific Research on Historic Asian Ceramics: Proceedings of the Fourth Forbes Symposium at the Freer Gallery of Art
Blythe McCarthy Ellen Chase, Louise Cort, Janet Douglas, and Paul Jett (eds)
ISBN: 9781904982463
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Scientific Research in the Field of Asian Art Add to cart
Scientific Research on the Pictorial Arts of Asia Add to cart
Scientific Research on the Sculptural Arts of Asia
Edited by Janet Douglas, Paul Jett and John Winter
ISBN: 1904982204
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sources Sources and Serendipity: Testimonies of Artists’ Practice
Edited by Erma Hermens and Joyce H Townsend
ISBN: 9781904982524
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State Beds and Throne Canopies: Care and Conservation EMAIL for INFO
Studies in the History of Painting Restoration Add to cart
Studying and Conserving PaintingsEMAIL for INFO
Studying Old Master Paintings:
Technology and Practice
Edited by Marika Spring
ISBN: 9781904982265
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Study of Marble and Other Stones Used in Antiquity no longer available
Surveying of Archaeological Sites EMAIL for INFO
Textiles and Text
Edited by Maria Hayward and Elizabeth Kramer
ISBN: 9781904982265
Textiles in Trust EMAIL for INFO
Textiles Revealed EMAIL for INFO

Theory and Practice in the Conservation of Modern and Contemporary Art
Ursula Schädler-Saub and Angela Weyer (eds)
ISBN: 9781904982548

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  Theory of Restoration No longer available.

Thin-section Petrography of Stone and Ceramic Cultural Materials
Chandry Reedy
ISBN: 9781904982333

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Trade in Antiquities EMAIL for INFO
trade Trade in Artists’ Materials: Markets and Commerce in Europe to 1700
Edited by Jo Kirby, Susan Nash and Joanna Cannon
ISBN: 9781904982258
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Transfer of Wallpaintings: Based on Danish Experience EMAIL for INFO
Unravelling Textiles - A Handbook for the Preservation of Textile Collections
Foekje Boersma with A. Brokerhof, S. van den Berg & J. Tegelaers
ISBN: 1873132646
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